Oppositional Defiant Disorder is term given to describe when a child displays a certain pattern of behaviours that includes losing their temper frequently, defying adults, being easily annoyed and deliberately annoying others.

The key elements displayed by children with ODD include the following characteristics:

  • Argues with Adults
  • Refuses and Defies
  • Angry and Defensive
  • Spiteful and Vindictive

In essence these children display a “counter- will “against authority especially when frustrated or stressed. They are often completely inflexible in these situations and the more pressure which is applied to make them conform the greater the opposition.

A range of systems and strategies will be considered in order to address successful behaviour and socialisation outcomes for children and young persons with ODD and overlapping conditions.

Areas to be addressed include:

  • The Impact of ODD in terms of the Individual, Families and Society
  • The overlap of ODD with ADHD, ASD, and CD
  • Girls and Boys and ODD
  • Introduction of the SF3R Behaviour Management Model
  • Structure and setting Realistic Rules, Rituals and Routines
  • Flexibility in Dealing with Difficult, Defiant and Demanding situations
  • Rapport and Effective Communication
  • Relationships and developing Trust between and within the group
  • Role Models and the skills required when working with parents of children with ODD

The presentation will outline a range of practical options for the successful teaching and learning of students with ODD and through the highly interactive and entertaining style of the course leader.

Opportunities for problem solving a range of issues regarding children with ODD will be discussed by utilizing both the expertise and experience of the course leader and of all of the delegates who attend the course.


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