mood agan

As I sit here on a train it occurs to me once again when it comes to analysing behaviour Mood is everything.
At this time I have just returned from Manchester to present a talk on Challenging Behaviour.
Despite the fact this will be yet another long day at an office that appears to stretches from Tooting to Thailand the presentation went well.
I got great feedback from the delegates, the sun is shining, England are winning at cricket and my left knee recently injured is feeling better
Mood appears to determine all behaviour outcomes both positive and negative.
This is especially clear during interactions with other people whether at work, home or socially and it appears to me that there are usually 3 sets of moods to consider
1. The person you are interacting with
2. Your own
3. The other people in the room or who are aware of your interaction
This may appear obvious but I think we often forget those issues that get lost in translation or in the “heat of the moment”.
Be aware however that you can only “control your own mood” but in doing so, you can influence the mood of others
You will not always be able to manage or control your mood. There will be times that you will not get it right, however remember the old adage that “form is temporary, class is permanent”
Being aware of mood management and working at being able to change the mood, can create many positive outcomes in difficult and demanding situations